louisiana bride

What a whirlwind day this was!  I have to admit I was quite nervous about this shoot . . . for lots of reasons.  One . . . it was the very first time I had ever done bridal portraits . . . Two . . . the bride was my beautiful niece who was trusting me to capture her spirit and personality for memories of her in an absolutely gorgeous gown . . . Three . . . I traveled to Louisiana, so there was extra pressure to be sure I had everything I needed . . . Four . . . it was HOT HOT HOT . . . a typical Louisiana summer day . . . not the best way to shoot a girl in a long lace dress with layers of organza and tulle underneath . . . yup . . . I was nervous.  But, she was not . . . and that was the key to the day . . . she had a location in mind and all the props we needed . . . her best friend, her godchild, her mom . . . all were there to keep her laughing.  It was such a special day!


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